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Cyrus Clarke: Guestbook

Andy Anderson

July 7, 2016

Hi, Cyrus.

Paul Sanchez told me to check out your music. Excellent! You gotta come to Portland (Oregon) sometime!


Sam Campbell

May 23, 2014

Hey Cyrus, been about 35 years since we've seen each other in SB. I took a couple guitar lessons from you in '79-'81 and of course saw a lot of the CVD gigs. Hopefully you will still be playing in Maui over the 2014 Holidays, would enjoy seeing you. Did you ever re-record "Sad Songs" onto CD format? Lost my vinyl "Step up to Big Pay" some years ago. If I remember right, you were very patient with me playing you my version at one of the lessons!

cheryl brinkley

April 23, 2012

I heard the Acousticats in Santa Barbara several years ago and purchased the Evangelina cd as a souvenir - some of the best money I ever spent! Love to listen to it and am happy to have found this site. I'll be checking back in the future. Thank you for the music!

Barney and Rosie

June 16, 2011



June 1, 2011

Cyrus!!! It's me, Tara, from Templeton. Write back!!!

Tim Markonis

April 19, 2011

Just checkin' in to add my name to the roster, Cy. Hawaii sure seems to agree with you, your music is great, and some of those instruments are BEE-U-TEE-FUL!!
btw, I have a friend in town, well two actually (husband and wife) who have both been learning the ukelele. They went to Hawaii a few years ago and came back with a CD (maybe even 2) by a lady named Michele Edwards that I liked a whole lot. Just wondered if you know or know of her. I would think that you do.

Pete Gardner

April 19, 2011

Hey Cy, The website looks great, just stoppin by to say hi !!!

Joe Garbarino

March 29, 2011

Dulcet One is one of my all time favorite songs.

Kevin Edwards

March 20, 2011

I took lessons from you in Santa Barbara, and your music is still such a great part of my life here back in Alaska with Terri and our two children. I check every month or so for a new Album, so glad I found this website. Keep up the good work Cy!


January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

bill bentley

September 11, 2010

I left sb in 1992. The effect your music has had on me is just incredible. I have all but your last album. I will never forget the days of See's coffee or Woodys with "Hot Corn". My girls, now 30 and 23 still listen to your stuff. And love it still.
i know you will keep doing what you do but I will have to make do with the recordings. Still can't believe the rest of the world hasn't caught up yet. Hope all is well thanks for the memories...
your pal, bill bentley


July 26, 2010

Cyrus! OMG! I haven't seen or heard from you in about 25 years! It's me, Tara, from Templeton! Great to see you are alive and well! Write back to me and I'll give you an update on my life (I know you're interested!)

Terri Asher

May 7, 2010

Remember me, #1 fan of the Acousticats, friend of Phil Saladbar and Paul Sanchez. I live in Tehachapi now. I am still looking up info about Kern County "Fandangos" and I'm not finding anything ...did they ever exist??? Enjoy Hawaii!

Dave & Carol Swart

December 15, 2009

Aloha nui loa from Gardnerville Nevada. You one big "honeyboy" and loosa some weight we see, looking good bruddah - hope island life is treating you well. Mele Kalikimaka

Steve Mauger

November 30, 2009

Hi Cyrus, Nice website! Good to talk to you!

Steven Morrow

May 1, 2009

Cyrus, glad to "find" you my old friend. So they call it Americana now.Another hat you were so well. Living on Maui, will give you a call soon. It is May day. Were are you playing etc. no brains, no headaches. Steven

Dr Geoffrey Wallace

October 19, 2008

I am a huge fan and when I leave sunny fife for Hawaii I will be sure to find where you are playing. You have always been such a great picker. Keep on...
Geoffrey Wallace University of Dundee Scotland

Barbara Osborn

October 16, 2008

So glad that you are doing well.

It's been 11 years since Bruce and I moved from Santa Barbara to Florida but we have yet to find any music that can touch yours.

Come out and visit your mom! We live in Stuart, just south of PSL.

love, Barbara

Michael & Roni Lafaurie

November 24, 2007

Hello!!!! We found your Web page and just thought we would say HI to you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!
Love from us


January 22, 2007

Wow!! A great start into the new year!!

All my love and greetings from cold stormy Germany,



January 12, 2007

Your site looks great! Happy birthday!

love always,