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The Road To California/Cyrus Clarke and the Expedition

The second in the California trilogy highlights the roads, highways, and byways in and out of California. This fine recording includes three great California road songs, "Route 66", "Do Re Mi", and Chuck Berry’s rocking chestnut, "The Promised Land." Cyrus also reprises a few of his own classics such as "Springfield Mountain Coalminer" and "Kern County Fandango." Rounding out this beautiful disc are songs by Kate Wolf and the Grateful Dead as well as newer compositions by Clarke. The Expedition is Clarke’s acoustic band and features Jack Joshua on double bass and mandolin wizard, Cache Valley Drifter, and Acousticat alumnus, Mike Mullins.
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California Stories/The Cyrus Clarke Band

The first of a trilogy of recordings which depict Clarke’s influences throughout his 35 year career playing, performing, and pioneering California Americana music. This disc features wondrous covers of Kate Wolf’s "Safe At Anchor", "New Speedway Boogie" by the Dead, and Woody Guthrie’s haunting waltz, "Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos Canyon)". The recording takes the listener through a variety of styles honed by Clarke’s band; a virtual romp through the Golden State featuring Barney Tower on ripping telecaster and Tom Corbett shredding on the mandolin.
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Sunrise On The Radio/The Cyrus Clarke Band

A long awaited album from one of California's finest writers. Cyrus has written for Kate Wolf, the Cache Valley Drifters, the Phil Salazar Band, David West, and the Acousticats. He made the jump to his own outfit and the results have produced a contemporary, finely crafted ensemble of songs which include nine originals as well as the vintage Kate Wolf mantra, "Red Tailed Hawk." Clarke's newest group is initialed with a modern approach to an ever-changing suburban folk scene and features a soulful country blend of acoustic guitar, telecaster, mandolin, bass and percussion.
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The Cat's Meow/The Acousticats

This second CD from the Acousticats contains thirteen gems including ten tunes from western
songsmith, Cyrus Clarke. The Clarke tunes comprise some of his best work and include "Along The Rio Grande", "Mud and Dust and Blood and Silver", and "Ruidoso Blue", all reminiscent of big sky and wide open spaces. Also, there is a song which Kate Wolf covered in performance but did not record, "Black Lung." This album is widely heralded for the very cool rendition of the Allman Brothers chestnut, "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed."
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Calsong/Cyrus Clarke and the Expedition

This is the third and final work in the California trilogy Cyrus started in 2000. This fine disc contains songs by Lowell George (“Willin’”), Lyle Lovett (“Road To Ensenada”), and Kate Wolf (“Across The Great Divide). The disc also contains music by celebrated Los Angeles artist, Steve DeGroodt and San Luis Obispo songsmith, Wendy Liepman. Clarke has also recorded a clutch of his own cool Calsongs, to include “The Hymn Of Robert Clarke”, a story of Cyrus’ great uncle Robert’s demise in a Colorado silver mine in the 1880's, "Red Car", and "Bonita Marie." The Expedition is in fine form and features Mike Mullins on mando, Jack Joshua on double bass, and Telecaster man, Barney Tower. Great songs, wondrous mandolin, innovative arrangements, and fine, hot solos earmark this recording as a classic.
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The Acousticats/Down At Evangelina's

The debut CD from the Acousticats, one the west coast's premier acoustic bands. This disc features thirteen tunes and includes Hey Hey Evangelina, My Daddy's Watch, Rhode Island Bride, a classic Oscar Petersen piece, Come To The Mardi Gras, and the California bluegrass classics Joanne
and California Republic. Also incuded are two Cyrus Clarke songs which were also recorded by Kate Wolf, Telluride and Springfield Mountain Coalminer. A ripping debut full of great songs, subtle nuances, and hot solos!
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