Calsong/Cyrus Clarke
  • Calsong/Cyrus Clarke
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This is the third and final work in the California trilogy Cyrus started in 2000. This fine disc contains songs by Lowell George, Lyle Lovett, and Kate Wolf. The disc also contains music by celebrated Los Angeles artist, Steve DeGroodt and San Luis Obispo songsmith, Wendy Liepman. Clarke has also recorded a clutch of his own cool Calsongs, to include "The Hymn Of Robert Clarke", a story of Cyrus' great uncle Robert's demise in a Colorado silver mine in the 1880's, "Red Car", and "Bonita Marie." The Expedition is in fine form and features Jack Joshua playing double bass and Telecaster man, Barney Tower. Great songs, wondrous mandolin, innovative arrangements, and fine, hot solos earmark this recording as a classic.

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